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Newsletter Designing

Template Creation & Branding

Creating a professional look and feel through email marketing is a critical element in the delivery of your message. To engage readers and convey the tone and image: a business should project and create templates that are appropriate to their client’s business, and is in alignment with what they hope to achieve with their outreach. We ensure that the template matches your brand colors and logos to create an integrated, visually cohesive connection for your readers.


When it comes to content, our Service provides the messaging and copy. We provide basic advice on the different types of offers that can be made to prompt the reader to take action (such as limited time discounts or free advice in the form of a download) along with editorial flair and subject line recommendations based on industry best practices to maximize deliverability and open rates.

Product Training

A critical element of the success of the newsletter is the delivery of product training. The right training will help you to take the reins of your Constant Contact marketing outreach efforts once your first send is complete.

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