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Online Survey

Transform client communications into conversations using online surveys and polls

Online Survey helps your clients refine their messages to customers, making every touch point more relevant, and ultimately, more profitable as they are able to connect with customers on a deeper, more emotional level. By asking your client’s customers what they’re thinking, you’ll be able to help give them what they’re looking for, and by conducting surveys at regular intervals, you will help your clients uncover patterns of customer behavior and feelings about your client’s business that can be used to solve issues before they become problems.

Making business more strategic

When you help your client businesses and organizations start conversations with current and potential customers using Online Survey, you will help your clients run a more strategic business, minimizing risk as you gain insight into the customer’s needs, wants, and attitudes. Using this knowledge, you can help your clients make better decisions about the services they offer or the direction they want to take their business.

Find out how they really feel

Online Survey maximizes your client’s outreach while fostering more honest feedback as customers become more willing to say exactly what’s on their mind -- rather than telling you what they think you want to hear.

Real-time results

With Online Survey, you can create polls and surveys quickly using customizable templates with pre-written questions that can be edited as needed. With access to survey and poll results in realtime, you can help your clients spot trends as they’re completed, keeping your clients in the loop with actionable insight.

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