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FARES© is a professional web-based rental system for independent, franchisee, corporate and head office operations. It is a multi-location, multi-company, multi-currency and multi-lingual application which runs on a single, central server and operates in a truly on-line environment.

FARES© is designed to be the Back Office Software for your fleet Operation. From the moment a new booking is received the central Reservation Sheet will tell you at a glance which vehicles are available at which location and when. The fleet management software then continues to track every contract and every aspect of your operation from Vehicle Maintenance right through to the reporting of Sales, Hire age, Rates and Utilization Analysis.

FARES© has a very flexible and competitive pricing model. Based on your needs you have primarily two options of using FARES©. First regular license fees that is paid for once. Second; a very robust "On Demand" online model that fulfill all your needs with minimal setup cost. Please contact us to know more about our services.