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Digital Marketing Agency for Hotels

Digital Marketing Agency for Hotels in Egypt

Weither you have one hotel or a chain of hotels, we will ease everything for you. We can provide you with all the services that makes all work perfectly under one umbrella . A user friendly website with a user friendly booking engine will have an easy flow for your client’s scouting to discover more about your hotels. With a perfect SEO and social media campaigns we assure you a full inventory all year long. Learn more about our services:

Website Designing

is to ensure that your hotel website never goes out of date. We aim to simplify the lives of hoteliers by making website management and updates to your site easier

Booking Engine

we will make your hotel website the best place for guests to book a room, while saving you money. Get more direct bookings for your hotel and share less of your revenue with OTAs.

Online Payment Service

With integration with most of the banks in the MENA region, we offer you the fastest and safest payment service that is highly secured for both you and your client.

Email Marketing

Engage with your clients through personalized & targeted email marketing as it helps you on building strong relationships with clients, and selling any type of products or offering any type of services.

TripAdvisor Management

As TripAdvisor is the largest Social Website, we will help you optimize and manage TripAdvisor pages. We will train your staff to react faster and professionally to incoming comments and how to process the feedback into actual improvements. Along with Linking your TripAdvisor to your website and your Facebook business page

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We provide SEO consulting services that gives your website a strong competitive push in the search engine result as we dig deep into your business and do a tailored SEO package based on your specific needs and budget.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is controlling the world and we control Social Media. With our dedicated up-to-date team we provide you with the best strategies that raises your ROI.

Facebook Ads

With the perfect strategy, we can reach your client at his door step wherever he is.

Google Ads

Google AdWords is Google's main advertising system that will allow Hotels and Resorts advertisers to bid on certain keywords and appear in prominent positions on Google's search results. It is the leading and most effective Pay Per Click marketing platform available for advertising on Google's Search Results. You set your advertising budget and only pay for positive clicks to your desired landing pages.


A full detailed report with all the results and positive impact that will show you a big difference in your results.

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